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Dear Business Owner,

Those are pretty big claims. Even I read them and ask, “Who’s going to believe this?” Then I’m reminded of clients who also doubted, but learned how to flick the marketing switch that had held them from their profit potential. On their way to opening the marketing floodgates, dozens of consultations revealed the following…

4 Costliest Marketing “Roadblocks”

That Most Business Owners

Either Don’t Know Or Won’t Admit

#1 Too consumed in the “technical” aspects of the business. They might be great at what they do, but never learn how to market those skills. They “wait” on the phone to ring, or the season, word-of-mouth, the economy, whatever. Occasionally they get desperate for “some” marketing and things get worse since they…

#2 Try to do it all themselves. Right. I know you’re a “doer” but come on — do you think a marketing expert could actually do your trade with no training? There are specialized marketing skills gathered from successes – and failures. Why reinvent the wheel? Often, the marketing “do it yourselfer” creates amateur marketing that actually reduce the company image. This can cause a knee-jerk reaction to…

#3 Depend upon “experts” who just “happen” to be selling ads. I’ll let you figure out the flaw in that one! They may know how to “sell” what they have (media), but how in the world do they know anything about marketing your business? Ridiculous. That can be very costly “free” advice! Yet nothing like this…

#4 Trying to spend your way into success. This can mean buying a full-page print ad when a 1/6th page is perfectly adequate (in fact, there are several examples where the smaller ad totally out performs the bigger one.) This can mean blowing money on most every media’s “deal of the week” or panicking to run ads when things are slow. I don’t care what anyone tells you, spending and results are not directly related. Why?

It costs you the same to run an ad or mail a bunch of letters that end up in the trash as using ones that create a flood of phone calls; the only difference is the RESULT.

Sure, you want a solution for making the phone ring, but great marketing goes farther than that. You’d like to boost your image without breaking the bank. You’d like way more referrals (actually pretty easy if you know the phrase to use). You’re sick of losing customers you “thought” were yours. You feel there MUST be a way to win customers that are NOT price dependent, weather dependent, or rely strictly on the economy.

And you’re right. Guess what else?

NONE of those are problems with your product or services. They’re marketing problems. And they’re not your fault, because you’re not supposed to wake up one day and just “know” the answers to your marketing challenges.

So You Have Two Choices…

you can keep earning the money you’re making now, settling for the results you’re getting on a day-to-day basis…and dealing with the same marketing problems in your business that could be sapping the energy right from under you….

…or you could take action right now and discover an alternative, more lucrative way that most of your competitors will NEVER know that has been a virtual goldmine for other business owners who have listened to what I have to say.

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I’m Prafull Sharma and in addition to running a software company HireRabbit, I help successful businesses generate more leads and sales by fixing their website and marketing funnel. And I’m offering you a FREE 30 Minute Internet Marketing Consultation to show you how easily you can bring in new customers every single week!

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This offer is important to you, because it will put more money in your pockets each month, and I am 100% sure about it! And you know they say it’s best to call in the professionals, so you can do more of what you’re good at: Running your business.

Once I reveal to you the strategies I’ve learned and how they will easily and quickly fit into your business, you’d be crazy to pass up on this opportunity. I’ll provide a comprehensive analysis and offer a few great tips on how you can very quickly improve your response and conversion rates.

Here’s an example of what you get when you take advantage of your FREE Consultation:

  • The #1 reason why 99% of websites NEVER generate sales and leads to their potential, and how you can avoid making the same costly mistakes.
  • The most valuable asset your business can ever have and WHY you could be losing a “fortune" by neglecting it.
  • The amazing 3-letter word that makes your customers want to read every word of your website. (Then buy everything you offer them.)
  • The simple, yet powerful "lead generation” strategy designed to transform your website into an online selling machine that can generate leads for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...even while you're asleep!
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And much, much more!

Imagine a comprehensive critique of your website and marketing funnel that highlights your problems and offers simple, cost-effective solutions to remedy them. Then imagine your online marketing AND your business performing as well as you KNOW they should be.

And that is precisely why your call to me today could very well be the best business move you make!

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A Bit More About Me…

  • I focus on generating more leads and more sales for you, by fixing your marketing funnel. My proven methods deliver tangible, measurable, guaranteed results.
  • I focus on a revenue generating online marketing strategy, as opposed to branding, for best conversion, sales and profitability.
  • I don’t sell time, I sell value. My fee is based on the value I add. It’s always a fixed fee agreed upon up front. Never any surprises, like many who charge an hourly rate that can get way out of hand.

Then, after our call you have two options: You can either freely use my advice to improve your website, or save yourself time AND get guaranteed results by hiring me!

And even if you don’t decide to work with me today, after our brief discussion you’ll undoubtedly get more value from your website and marketing than ever before.

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Prafull Sharma

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